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Man faces manslaughter, theft and traffic violations after crash

A Maryland man suspected of being involved in a fatal car accident in which two people lost their lives has been arrested. Maryland police believe that the man was speeding when he hit a van carrying six passengers. He has been charged with vehicular manslaughter as well as other traffic violations.

Man accused of speeding up to 115 mph, causing fatal car crash

A Maryland man suspected of causing a fatal car accident while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs has recently been offered a plea deal in his criminal defense. Maryland police suspect that the man was speeding at speeds up to 115 mph before causing the fatal accident. He faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted on all of his charges.

Reckless driving among charges faced by Maryland police officer

An alleged illegal U-turn attempted by a Maryland police office on the second weekend of June has resulted in a series of charges being filed. In addition to reckless driving, the attempted U-turn's subsequent collision with another vehicle has resulted in the 28-year-old fourth-year police officer facing assault charges. The Howard County officer was on-duty when the collision occurred and has remained assigned to administrative work since then.

Mother flees the scene of reckless driving crash because of fear?

Unfortunately, criminal charges are a common occurrence all over the United States. When criminal charges accompany a car accident, the emotional reaction to the incident can be intense. However, when those criminal charges result from reckless driving that involves children who were injured as a result of a driver's negligence, legal repercussions can ensue. Some Maryland residents may relate to a recent, somewhat odd, car accident involving all of the above.

Memorial weekend is prime time for traffic violations

The weekend before Memorial Day is a perfect opportunity for Maryland families to kick off the summer. Because school is almost done for children and warmer weather has arrived, many families use the long weekend to take a road trip. At the same time, however, police will be out in full force looking to issue traffic citations.

Insult to injury? Maryland pedestrian hit by car, faces charges

During the early hours of a recent morning, a pedestrian attempted to cross a highway and was struck by a vehicle. After sustaining injuries, the Maryland man stumbled away from the scene. After police located the man, they decided charge the man with traffic violations for illegally crossing the road.

Update: Baltimore's speed cameras shut down for erroneous charges

Over the last several months, we have covered the long-standing problems with the speed cameras in Baltimore. In an effort to catch more people speeding and raise funds, the city installed cameras to catch and ticket drivers believed to be traveling over the speed limit. However, the cameras quickly became notorious for inaccurately gauging drivers' speeds.

Maryland lawmakers extend license law for undocumented immigrants

For any number of reasons, drivers can be cited for driving without a valid license. However, undocumented immigrants are at particular risk of suffering serious consequences for these charges. Fortunately, however, the Maryland legislature recently passed a bill that, if signed by the governor, wouldn't require proof of citizenship to obtain a driver's license

No need for speed: Maryland woman ticketed for going 'too slow'

Many drivers have probably been pulled over for driving a few miles per hour over the posted speed limit. While this might be among the many common reasons for being pulled over, one Maryland woman was issued a traffic citation for a very surprising reason: She was apparently driving too slowly.

Despite changes, Baltimore's speed cameras remain error prone

Over the last few months, much attention has been paid to the accuracy of speed cameras used in the Baltimore area. Since cameras were installed in Maryland to issue speeding tickets without needing an officer present, a number of calibration issues have resulted in wrongful traffic citations.