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Man accused of robbing female taxi driver

A man was accused of robbing a Maryland taxi driver in the Pine Cliff Park area of Frederick on Aug. 8. The incident happened in the morning when the man allegedly held a pellet gun to a female taxi driver's throat and demanded cash. After allegedly running away from the scene, the accused man was later apprehended by police as he emerged from a forested area.

Failed stunt with bulletproof vest leads to murder charge

A Maryland man has been charged for murder after a botched attempt to test a bulletproof vest. The accused man shot his 28-year-old friend to death on July 16 while he and another friend stood in the basement of a home in Westport. The incident happened shortly before 4 a.m. and was captured on videotape. The mother of the accused man referred all questions about the incident to her son's criminal defense attorney, but the attorney has not yet offered any comments.

Criminal charges brought against man accused of stabbing friend

A man has recently been arrested in Glen Burnie and charged with murder after a homicide at a medical facility. The victim was apparently stabbed 30 times inside the Anne Arundel, and the authorities have arrested her friend, who was supposedly there to help her clean that day. The 25-year-old faces serious criminal charges for his alleged connection with the crime.

8 criminal charges dropped for combative, inebriated woman

When a person becomes inebriated, that person can act irrationally and out of character. One woman was arrested for various criminal charges after reportedly becoming combative with Maryland police officers who were attempting to arrest her. She has accepted a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in exchange for the other charges to be dropped.

Man accused of assault against elderly woman

A case of assault against an elderly individual typically makes significant media headlines. Even though it can be emotional, it is important to remember that the person accused is only facing charges and has not been convicted. In a recent case in Maryland, a man has been accused of sexual assault against a 98-year-old woman. While the charges are very disturbing, it remains unclear why the authorities suspect this man of committing the crime.

Man faces several criminal charges for alleged triple shooting

After a shooting incident in which one person was killed, a man has been arrested. The 19-year-old Maryland resident is accused of shooting three people inside a home. A warrant was obtained for the man's arrest, and he was recently taken into police custody on several criminal charges.

Criminal charges follow alleged broomstick assault in Maryland

When Maryland residents are charged with assault, they may realize the importance of knowing their rights and defending their interests. An assault conviction may lead to severe penalties, including incarceration and fines. Furthermore, the individual will have a criminal record that can cause difficulties in future job applications and other aspects of life.

2 Maryland residents sentenced after criminal charge for robbery

Two residents of Maryland who were found guilty of a 2012 armed robbery were recently sentenced and are now facing long prison sentences. Armed robbery is a serious criminal charge, and if a person is convicted, significant penalties can be imposed. When a person uses force or threat of force with the intention to take property from another party, it is classified as robbery; and by threatening someone with a deadly weapon, the felony becomes armed robbery.

14 years later, a man begins his criminal defense for murder

On April 20, 2000, a young woman was found dead in the townhouse that she lived in with her boyfriend. The Maryland authorities arrested the man who they believed to be responsible for killing her in 2012, but they suspected that her boyfriend was somehow involved in the crime. Now, 14 years after her death, her boyfriend will begin his formal criminal defense against the accusations of murder.

10 alleged Maryland gang members various criminal charges

Ten alleged gang members were recently arrested in what the police are calling a "violent racketeering" scheme. Maryland police say that this scheme has resulted in several murders and other violent crimes. The 10 all face varying criminal charges for their alleged involvement in the suspected crimes.

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